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Nordic Finance Innovation

Iren Tranvåg, CEO -

Dagens Næringsliv

Et samlet Norden vil stille sterkere

October 10, 2018

Over 50 toppsjefer fra den nordiske finans- og dagligvarehandelen, blant annet Sparebank 1, DNB, Nordea, Handelsbanken, Aera, Norgesgruppen og Vipps, har nettopp kommet tilbake etter å ha vært på studietur til Shenzhen.​

Nordic Finance Innovation

OP Financial Group partners up with Nordic Finance Innovation.

October 10, 2017

OP Financial Group partners up with the largest Fintech executive network  Nordic Finance Innovation (NFI), led by Chris Skinner (Chairman) and Iren Tranvåg (CEO)

Why?  “To create an open forum for innovation and cooperation across the Nordics and to connect to the global fintech ecosystem”, explains Kristian Luoma, Head of OP Lab .


To celebrate this collaboration, OP Financial Group, NFI`s Nordic Sponsor Tieto and Nordic Finance Innovation will arrange a big event the 10th of October at the headquarter of OP with keyspeakers from Alipay, OP Financial Group, Holvi, Siierto, Mobilepay and Tieto, facilitated by Chris Skinner.


A wave of collaboration is sweeping across Europe, the term ‘co-opetition’ defining that grey area between cooperation and competition that many companies have avoided. Few places is this trend seen as clearly as in the Nordics. Since its founding 18 months ago, executive network Nordic Finance Innovation (NFI) has attracted a membership of 95 Nordic tech and finance companies with more than 200 executives participating, aiming to boost collaboration built on Nordic strengths.


“NFI already is the largest fintech organization in the Nordic region, with offices in Oslo, London and Singapore. We facilitate global partnerships and are building innovative partnerships between Nordic companies that would otherwise not have happened. The results so far are tangible, and we are very happy to establish this partnership in Finland with OP Financial Group and Tieto" says Iren Tranvåg, CEO at of Nordic Finance Innovation.


The Nordic Strengths

The Nordics flaunt some real comparative advantages, making the region a hot testbed for financial technology and services. It is NFI’s mission to enhance these strengths as a collaborative platform:


“The Nordic region has the world’s highest mobile saturation and most advanced networks, incredible access to data on an individual level, high levels of automation, and a leading role in developing fields like cloud technology and IT security,” Skinner says. “In NFI, we bring executives and their change-agents together across industries. We are forging strong relationships and knowhow on topics that are keys to success in a super-competitive global environment.”


Kunstig intelligens overtar bankene

February 13, 2017

Article in Finansavisen from our last member meeting. Topic: Machine Learning

Nordic Finance Innovation

NFI Intrapreneurship "Together we go global"

December 9, 2016

We launched our NFI Intrapreneurship ”Together we go global” - Nordic Finance Innovation promotes skilled talents in Nordic companies. We have invited 10 companies in our START UP Team; DNB, IBM, Danske Bank, Santander, Gjensidige Forsikring, Telenor, Retail Payment,, Frende Forsikring and Lindorff. They all found our Intrapreneurship interesting and they where thankfull becoming a part of it. Stein Erik Nordmo VP in Telenor Financial Services will facilitate the meetings.

The Fintech Brief

New star player in Nordic Finance Innovation

October 3, 2016


Å skape morgendagens bankløsninger er ikke nok

November 29, 2015


Slik gir digitalisering kineserne mer makt, både overfor sine egne innbyggere – og alle oss andre

October 10, 2018

La det være sagt først som sist: Kina vokser frem som en supermakt innen teknologi og vitenskap. Inntrykket er direkte overveldende: moderne, høyteknologisk, enorme globale ambisjoner og et skjellsettende tempo. Alt som kan digitaliseres vil digitaliseres, er det kinesiske omkvedet.

S&P Global Market Intelligence

Alipay expands horizons for European financial institutions

August 24, 2017


Tester ut kundehjelp fra robot

February 13, 2017

Article in Finansavisen from our last member meeting. Topic: Machine Learning

Nordic Finance Innovation

Press Release: International financial guru to co-own and chair Norwegian financial service network

Financial pundit and policy expert Chris Skinner is to be co-owner and appointed Chairman of the Board of industry network Nordic Finance Innovation (NFI). Skinner is known for his books on financial technology, as an eminent speaker and as a financial commentator at the BBC, Sky News and Bloomberg.

- Chris Skinner is perhaps the weightiest voice on fintech in the world. His new role in NFI is testament to the global relevance of the Nordic fintech industry, says NFI CEO Iren Tranvåg.

In June, Tranvåg and Skinner visited The White House to talk fintech policy development with the Obama administration and top American legislators. They discussed how to accommodate governments and banks, as well as the needs of regular consumers.

With Chris Skinner onboard, NFI wishes to stimulate further global interest for the Nordic fintech market, and to develop Norway as an international test market for fintech innovation.

- Nordic Finance Innovation is extremely interesting. This umbrella organization represents the full specter of Norwegian and Nordic financial technology. The network will collaborate well with Financial Service Club, the largest European bank and financial network, which I founded back in 2004, Skinner says.

Nordic Finance Innovation was established last February to build bridges between Nordic and global agents in financial services, and to further global innovation and knowledge in the field. The network has rapidly become an instigator of change in an industry now keenly aware of the need for international and Nordic collaboration.

Dagens Næringsliv

Hun skal stanse diamantsvindel

April 25, 2016

Chris Skinner Blog

Financial Inclusion, Digital Identity and the White House


Bygger bro i Asia

June 12, 2017


Samler konkurrenter til idédugnad

December 14, 2016


The Banks are thinking like dinosaurs

November 7, 2016


Et samlet Norden vil stille sterkere

05 May 2018

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