Retail behavioural changes post-pandemic June 23th (Watch it again)

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Covid 19 has changed our shopping behaviour

"What happens with payments now? If all of us pay via apps and online, who needs point-of sales?" - Chris Skinner

Perspectives from three payment experts

June 23, 14:00 – 15:00

Nowadays, we’re living and organizing our lives and our companies for the implications of pandemic crisis. 

Without much fanfare, COVID-19 has just sped up the shift we have all been experiencing in payments. Instead of the slow march to digital, we are seeing five years of change condensed into a couple months. Shifting to online commerce, contactless transactions, digital wallets, and even fraud attacks have all made significant moves. 

Three amazing experts will share their experience from different countries and even multinational perspectives about the life after Covid 19 when it comes to payments.

  • Christian Bjørseth Coop, Head of Payment & ID Coop Norway

  • Dimas Gimeno, Former CEO of El Corte Inglès

  • Brian Farrel, Former Executive Creative Director of BBVA, where he led the design team

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Dimas Gimeno, Founder and CEO of Skintelligence Investments

He is a Spanish businessman who specializes in the retail sector. He ran the Spain-based department store El Corte Inglés from 2014 to 2018. He holds a law degree and a Masters in Private Law from CEU San Pablo University. He also earned an EMBA from AESE Escola de Direcção e Negócios / IESE University of Navarra in Porto, Portugal.

Since the age of 20, Gimeno's professional career has been linked to department store chain El Corte Inglés, a company that is considered an Entity of Public Interest in Spain and is the largest employer in the country (in 2016 it had 92,690 employees).

He was appointed advisor to the CEO of El Corte Inglés in 2013 and became CEO on September 16, 2014. Following his appointment, he helped the company recover from a position of financial debt and increase sales. 

Brian Farrell, Founder and Creative Director of Far Co

Founder and Creative Director of Far Co, a Madrid studio creating brand and experiences for start-ups and small businesses looking to grow and companies looking to transform. Focus for the last five years has been on multi-platform product design with special attention on how to scale ideas into new markets.

Past life: Executive Creative Director of BBVA in Madrid, Spain where he led the design team through BBVA’s digital transformation, including the payments innovation team that developed pilots using emerging technologies to make the payment journey more seamless—and in many cases invisible.

Kristian Bjørseth, Head of Payments and ID, Coop Norway

Kristian is an experienced professional with wide knowledge and experience from working with payments and retail in the Nordic marketplace in major Nordic companies such as Nets, Tieto, EVRY, and Sparebank1 (mCash/Vipps) for the last 15 years. With a strong track record from business development, managing business improvements, and delivering increased business performance he is now part of Coop Norway where he has been part of the strong digital shift the last couple of years. Coop Norway was awarded the prize as digital leader in Norway in 2019 for the launch of their own mobile payment solution Coopay and their unmanned grocery store in Oslo.

Marisol Menendez, Moderator

An industrial engineer who loves to sing and play guitar, Marisol Menendez believes deeply in the power of trust to drive change, and in collaborative innovation. 

She’s Head of NFI Connect and Initiatives for NFI, the biggest executive network that aims to bring all Nordic companies into a single group and work as a unit to shape the future in connection with the most visionary players in the world, leveraging in Nordic strengths. 

Marisol is Former Global Head of Open Innovation at BBVA – where she designed and developed the Open Innovation project since its beginning. This experience has given her a unique understanding of both the corporate and startup worlds, needed to develop successful collaborations. She has  developed a close-knit, global network of allies and partners that have proven critical to the success of the open innovation project.