Inspiring true customer loyalty with intuitive experiences by Entersekt

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

By Danielle Neben, Editor NFI

In today’s environment where everyone is rushing to offer full digital services, consumers expect a smooth mobile journey regardless of their chosen touchpoints. Organisations have had to adapt to stay competitive, and focus their attention on delivering rich, new and intuitive experiences through a range of sophisticated digital services for both mobile and web, in a secure manner.

We are delighted to welcome Entersekt to our NFI network, who provide mobile-first omni-channel solutions. We recently had the opportunity to speak with Frans Labuschagne, Country Manager: UK & Ireland who is also responsible for the Nordics team based out of Oslo, Norway.

Tell us a little about how Entersekt started.

Entersekt was founded in South Africa over a decade ago, with the simple goal of making the digital environment a safer place to bank and shop. The growth in online and mobile channels was unfortunately accompanied by a growth in cybercrime, which damaged the relationship between banks and their customers. One-time passwords and device fingerprinting were standard solutions, but were not without risks. The industry was suffering from a lack of new ideas.

We believed that if you could resolve trust issues through security on the mobile device using solid digital certificate technology, and other techniques, the channel would become as transformative as any we have known.

This is when we pioneered phone-as-a-token, out-of-band push authentication, which is now the de facto market standard in South Africa. We faced the challenges we have in Africa head-on, such as authentication on green-screen phones and making sure our software works on sporadic network signals.

How has the company developed since then?

Today, we have a presence in 45 countries, with customers in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, and the United States to name a few. In addition to financial services, we have expanded to cover the insurance and healthcare industries, securing more people’s lives every day.

Our focus is on mobile-first omnichannel solutions. At its core is the Entersekt Secure Platform “the ESP”, which is the foundation on which we build our solutions that securely connect consumers on mobile devices to banks at every stage of the mobile journey.

We then build our solutions around the financial institution’s customer at every stage of the mobile journey:

Where do you see opportunities in the Nordics?

We have paved the way for secure mobile engagement in regions where we are deemed a global leader in mobile money. This is where our expertise lies and where we can share our knowledge of best-in-class solutions globally.

The current climate has forced companies to double their efforts to amplify and secure their standing in the banking marketplace and beyond. This also applies to the Nordics, where there is an opportunity to engineer and capitalise on superior, seamless cross-channel excellence.

We are in the process of implementing our solution in four Scandinavian countries, and we see the Nordics at the forefront in many areas, such as mobile payments, reduction in cash usage and increase in online shopping. However, there is always room to further enhance the consumer experience.

Our team in Oslo, Norway, can support Nordic companies to fast-track their digital enablement journeys. We provide agility, allowing them to quickly reach and acquire customers, launch new services, and reduce friction, all while meeting compliance obligations.

We want to help our customers securely empower their consumers through the omnichannel by exceeding their expectations and staying ahead of the competition.

To learn more, visit the Entersekt website for more information and click here to read their recent press release on real-time risk scoring with NuData Security.