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What is Money?
15 Jun, 12:00 CEST
Bjørvika Konferansesenter

NFI Summit 2021


Purpose Driven Organisations

NFI´s yearly Summit is ready. November 24-25, Levi - Lapland (Finland)

100 top executives (by invitation only)

A network established

to enhance cross-industry

collaboration and innovation

We act in three strategic dimensions







All industries are experiencing significant challenges: new disruptive players, market boundaries changes, customers behaviours evolution, new challenger companies, and the next level of digitalization happening all around... We're in a continuous evolution.


With this backdrop, the networking group Nordic Future Innovation (NFI) was established in 2017. Born focused in the financial industry, but rapidly evolving to connecting all sectors. Because trust and collaboration is key to design the future, and diversity enriches all possibilities.


Our dream is to connect all companies in the Nordics, to generate business opportunities; to learn, think and do alongside each other, but also to play an active role in shaping the future, together with the most visionary players in the world. 


Inspire change and collaboration

Attend events, get inspired and learn from industry professionals.Think big and cross-industry to create a product/solution that is unique.

Doing Digital - lessons from leaders

Doing Digital is a practical book every leader should read. Chris Skinner shares his deep insight and vision about the real challenges industries are facing nowadays. The lessons learned from global banking leaders, are useful for any industry in the journey of Doing Digital as a part of their culture and DNA.This is the best book I have read about facing changes, adapting and more over.
Available here

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Inspiring true customer loyalty with intuitive experiences with Entersekt


NFI Women Trip to Ireland

Image by Vadim Sherbakov

United Europe enabled by technologies

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The Corona virus might affect NFI events moving forward. If you have signed up for an event that will be changed/canceled you will receive an email with information.
NFI Summit 2021
24 Nov 2021, 12:30 EET
Levi Summit (Levi, Finland)
Betting for the future
16 Sept 2021, 14:30 CEST
Zoom event

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